Barcodes for Amazon

More and more people are turning to Amazon sell their own products and a source of income, via Amazon Advantage.

What is Advantage?

Advantage is a self-service consignment program that enables you to promote and sell media products directly on Amazon.

Advantage is designed specifically for publishers, music labels, studios, authors, and other content owners who would like to source their products to, the world's leading on-line retailer. It gives you the opportunity to market your products to millions of customers. The program offers a proven means of distribution and order fulfillment for media product (such as books, videos, and music). The Advantage program is not intended for individuals selling used copies, or resellers of books (such as bookstores). If that is your interest, you should review the other selling options, such as Selling on Amazon and Fulfillment by Amazon. specializes in barcode that are Amazon ready, EAN for the UK/European market and the UPC for the rest of the world. We cater for both. Amazon requires a unique barcode to identify each item you are distributing, our barcode numbers are ideal for this.

We have many happy customers using our barcode numbers to sell their products on and

With every barcode we provide an EAN & UPC barcode number and include artwork file at no extra cost.

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